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Country Girl :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 1 0
Mature content
Pushy :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 1 1
Like a mirror
Illusions break so hard
Given so much
Hope dashed to death
Like a rag-doll on the rocks
Why should you
Would you
What you never knew?
The pain faded
The irony
All too real
Laugh at me
For a blind fool
I thought I loved you
I'm so tired
Why bother?
None of it's real
The last thresh-hold crossed
You can't take it back
Or me
I'm so tired
Of trying not to
Love you
Hate you
Want you
See you
Know you
I'm so tired
And I'm so
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 0
Reassure Me
Long afternoon
Slanting sun
And all I do is sigh
As fear
Eats me alive
This isn't where
I wish
I could be.
Golden bars slanting
Through the blinds
And all I do is doubt
My world contracts
Heart cramps
I bite my lip
And wonder
How far?
I hate the coward
I've always been
And I cry
Over scars nobody can see
And I just wish for once
Somebody would reassure
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 0
The love
I lure you
I touch
you sigh
Well-behaved despite
the frustration
writhing in your eyes
I laugh
You growl
I hide
and you howl
You want what I offer
but don't
You touch
I quiver
You caress
I shiver
This is honest
despite my flighty ways
a shiver of heat
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 2
Dread Love
He watched her sleep.
Oh, it was excruciating! The nest of furs and pillows that made up her bed piled high around her slender, pale form, the dwindling firelight playing over milk-pale skin in bands of ruddy gold and red shadow. She'd been exhausted, he could tell- days of travel had put shadows under her green eyes, hollows in her cheeks. Normally beautiful, in an eerily exotic way, she'd become wraith-like in her illness.
Now, however, she was better. Mistress of undead of all kinds she might be, but for the time being, she was still simply a mortal woman with all the vulnerabilities thereof.
She didn't trust the clerics in the temple they'd taken shelter in, and well she shouldn't; like children who played at being necromancers, they envied her abilities with the venomous, petty covetousness. She'd ordered him to stand guard over her sleeping form, because she'd been forced to leave her ghoul minons outside the temple, and he'd happily complied.
Now, he suffered for it.
She'd total
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 0
Hellsing Pt. 2
Sins of the Father Pt. 2
Bad Karma, Wicked Dharma
~A Hellsing Fanfiction~
By C. A. Gray
"The threat was very… Blatant, my Master. She will target you."
Integra stared out the window of her office, glacial blue eyes sharp and watchful, her shoulders hunched just a little; it seemed almost as if the stern Englishwoman was expecting a blow to fall on her unsuspecting head. "I've been expecting this for a long time, Alucard. I'm not surprised at all that she would choose target me. What my ancestor did to her was cowardly, and I don't blame her in the least for being furious." She turned her head slowly, only one of those blue eyes fixing on him, her voice carefully inflectionless. "Can you kill her, Alucard?"
"Of course I can, Master," he replied tiredly, an unenthusiastic smirk crossing his pale features, temporarily rid of his wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. "She is, after all, only a half-breed. A cunning half-breed, but a half-breed nonetheless."
"Do you WANT to kill her?"
At this, t
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 3 2
Mature content
Bound :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 2
Convince me to let go
My grip is weak
I only cling
Because you wanted me
So lonely
So profoundly me
Lost in the echoes
A past you can't hear
Scarred and tired
Hard and battered
And even now how I wish
You had cared
You could never see
Never wanted to know
I curl up and
Eats me alive
Come back to me, please
Just come back
Dried up
No more tears left
Because of you
There's no one else
And even now I wish
You hadn't been so
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 8
Tabby :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 8 8 Livana The White :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 3 3
"Mara! Mara, come look, I've finished it!"
The artist stood, paint-splattered and triumphant and gleeful, in the doorway of his studio, wildly gesturing for the woman in the other room to join him. The studio, and the apartment it was in, were both lovely; an expensive place to live, for certain, but he could afford it. His paintings were the toast of the town, and he had more than enough money to buy whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.
None of that mattered to Mara, and he knew that was why he loved her.
He'd been completely uninspired until she'd come into his life, and suddenly the world had made sense. He'd seen form and beauty in everything around him, painted it, and sold it all for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He owed her everything, and throughout it all, the only thing that she'd ever demanded of him was that he keep painting.
"The beauty you create is more important than me," She'd insisted one evening, those dark green eyes flat and serious, brooking no arg
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 0 3
Winged Warrior :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 4 10
Low in my body I
Bloodlust burning
Longing deep and purring
The roll of thunder
Far away
What would you do if
Lightning strikes
Fire lights
Elemental hunger
Consume everything
About you
Take it all
From you
Until there's nothing left.
Master or
Doesn't matter
Can't resist
Can't deny
My obsession
This is my belonging
Where I belong
I own you
Serve you
Drain you dry
I take it all from you
And am possessed.
Nails down your back
The welts
Are the proof of my
I lap the blood
And carry you with me
The animal inside me
Will hunt you
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 1 7
Hellsing: Sins of the Father
"Jack… This is extreme. I know that destroying the enemy vampire is of the utmost importance and everything, but…"
The two men walking through the catacomb weren't anymore living than any of it's inhabitants,  pale and gleaming with dark eyes and grim business in their expressions; the one in the lead made a disgusted noise at his companion's expense, his tone derisive. "Don't be a coward, Quincy. It's been proven time and time again that no lesser vampire is going to kill that monstrosity, so we've got to get something a little more… Effective."
The second vampire, who was American with a southern accent, gave a sigh. "Everybody who's ever gone in this tomb has died, Jack! This is stupid."
"Well," the other vampire replied darkly, glancing at the bundle behind his companion, "That's what the sacrifice is for. If we can just get a word in edgewise… This might all be worthwhile."
Quincy was dragging a bound, unconscious man, who'd already been beaten to within an inch of his l
:iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 2 6
The Modern House of Valth :iconsatanic-headbitey:Satanic-Headbitey 1 4

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